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The huge impact of such a small gesture… saying thanks.

Take a few seconds to think about how we feel when someone tells us ‘Thank you’. A sense of pride, a job well done and a sense of appreciation for them… ironic that we would appreciate someone for appreciating us, but we do, and we are made to feel happy as well as a sense of self satisfaction when a person tells us thank you. It is also fantastic to share this by thanking others, in our personal lives and in business too, but how does one go about expressing thanks to our customers and employees in the best way?

You could email them… although this may be perceived as being very impersonal, give them a phone call, perhaps appreciated but shortly forgotten, or even send a card, a nice gesture but generally cards are not kept forever.

So how about a Kanata Blanket..?Thank You Country Lambswool in ecru

By saying thank you with a Kanata Blanket you are not only giving your customers and employees something that they can actually use and that they can keep, you are giving them a high quality, thoughtful gift that they will treasure and keep in their homes.

By using Kanata Blankets as self promotion, you can advertise your company with your logo or a personal message, and every time your customer looks at that blanket they will be reminded of your company and the wonderful, thoughtful gesture that the blanket represents.

Saying thanks with a corporate gift is a method used by a large number of companies. So how do you stand out? A great deal of companies give practical gifts that can be used again. Corporate gifts are associated with business, therefore gifts usually represent something that can be used in the office – stationary, mugs, bookmarks, coasters, mouse pads, journals… the list continues. All very nice gifts but not generally items that are treasured for years to come.

A Kanata Blanket can be used in the home, by customers, employees and their families. When they finish work after a long day and want to cuddle up on the couch with their children and loved ones, an item of stationary is not going to be there with them, a Kanata Blanket will be. Our blankets are luxurious, soft and cozy and can be used year round to decorate the home, add a warming, friendly atmosphere and to just generally cuddle up in and keep your cold toes snug.

Showing appreciation is an insight into the people behind a company – that you are people who care and who are grateful for an employee’s hard work or a customer’s loyalty, that you appreciate the small things that, in the end, make your company the success that it is. Therefore finding the right way to show this appreciation is essential and a personal, thoughtful gift, such as a Kanata Blanket, can show just how much you value your customers and the employees behind your organization.

Take our Velura™ blankets for example: wonderfully soft and luxurious to touch these blankets can be subtly embroidered with a tone on tone logo or personal message. Many companies that have already said thank you with this super soft throw report an exceptional response. Customers have called asking for additional blankets and one company even received a ‘thank you’ call or letter from every single person they sent a blanket to. The first time that this had happened in 15 years of sending gifts!


Thank You Velvafur xmas theme

We have such a fantastic choice of quality blankets we are sure there is something for everyone. We even have blankets specifically for the purpose of saying thank you.

Our Thank You blankets come with ‘Thank you’ elegantly embroidered in five different languages. Our ‘Thank You Velvafur™’ is so extraordinarily soft those receiving this gift will want one in a different color each year. Our Thank You Country Lambswool is classically styled and reversed with wonderfully warm faux lambswool. Both blankets are subtly made with tone on tone embroidery for a unique way to say thanks.


Thank you Velura in cream & toffeeAnd our ‘Thank You Velura™’ has been so popular as a Toronto based distributor sales rep explains:

“My company gave us all a toffee ‘Thank You Velura™’ throw for our Christmas gift. I was going to an appointment and had the blanket in my car. As I liked this so much, I thought, what the heck, let me show my customer what we got for Christmas. Of course the customer loved it and I got an order for 75 pieces. This is for a resort so we should have repeat orders. My only regret is that I don’t have my gift anymore. I am hoping my customer will give this back to me so I can take it home to my family”.

Whether you are saying thank you to your employees or your customers; Kanata has the right blanket for the right person. For a gift that will really stand out and be something that one can truly treasure for years to come, check out our wonderful collection of Kanata blankets now, because such a small gesture can have a huge impact on the way people see your company.